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10 Starilized Pieces to Gift This Holiday Season

Even when you start the search early, finding the perfect holiday gift for each friend and family member can be a real challenge. There are countless possibilities, everyone has different tastes, and you still want each gift to be from the heart. Rest easy, Starlized has you covered this season! We’ve selected some stand-out pieces that would make the perfect smart and fashionable additions to your loved ones’ wardrobes.

Ahead, scroll through 10 Starilized pieces to gift this season that will keep your friends and family looking holiday-ready for those cocktail parties, family dinners, and NYE gatherings.

This elegant matching set is a great addition to a party look or even a dressy-casual event. A perfect choice for the person who’s interested in dainty pieces rather than a full-on glam holiday look.

Treat someone to this golden gemstone bracelet this season. It’s currently available in the colors “White” and “Too Blue”!

Both chokers and cowrie shells are timeless classics. A simple statement piece created with the intention of reconnecting people to their African roots. Plus, it’s currently on sale for $13.59.

For any fashionista that lives for a plunging neckline, this body Choker adds a little extra flavor and demands attention.

Obsessed with the ring collection? Having a hard time choosing just one? This ring set offers an Ankara Slash ring, a Nia ring, a Midi Spiral ring, and a Rosetta ring for just $24.99.

This pretty rose quartz ring is cute and sweet. Even sweeter, it’s on sale for $6.99.

For the environmentally conscious, this elephant bracelet boasts lightweight, eco-friendly beads and comes in 5 earthy colors.

Who knew your childhood toy would make such a stunning earring design? Bring back good memories with these earrings featuring an Ankara gem, and a gold slinky design.

The bold dark red beads make this necklace an attention grabber.

This gold-finished brass bracelet looks royal because it was made for a king or queen in your life. Enjoy round, textured beads with diamond-cut circles.

Ready to get a head start on holiday shopping? Which piecesl from Starilized are on your list this year? Let us know in the comments.

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