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Free NYC Events to Attend

With summer upon us, there's no better time to step into the city and explore all it has to offer. Manhattan is a busy place - it's undeniable. Weaving through everything the island has to offer can be overwhelming. To help, I've highlighted three (free!) upcoming events.

Throughout June and July, the Gotham Comedy Club will be holding free comedy shows each Thursday. The next event is taking place on Thursday, June 20'th, at nine P.M. Visitors can witness the taping of a live comedy show free of charge. To further the fun, there will be no drink minimum. All interest can go to the Gotham website and type in the password "Robert De Niro" for their free ticket. The final show will take place on July eleventh. Stop by if you'd like to laugh without breaking the bank!

Next, Harlem Week welcomes all to celebrate the community's tribute to Harlem. Since 1974, this event has evolved into something notable; children, history lovers, small business owners, and creatives alike are encouraged to attend. Some festivities include an outdoor film screening, a fashion show, a children's party, a small business exposition, and educational fairs. What's particularly exciting about this event is its longevity - the celebration will last from July 28'th to August 24'th, speaking to those with busy schedules. On the final day of Harlem Week, event goers can participate in the Percy Sutton 5k run.

Lastly, movie lovers are invited to attend a free screening of The Fits on June 28'th in Brooklyn's Community Garden. The Luminal Theater looks to celebrate cinema through open-to-all screenings. With rising prices for movie tickets, free ones are a treasure.This time, the garden will showcase a critically acclaimed 2015 film; The Fits tell the story of a young girl attempting to find her place within a powerful dance team. Beautifully written and shot, all are encouraged to join the viewing. Those interested can contact Yolander Belcher at

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