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starilized= behaving like a star; sharing inner light with the world; standing out from the rest

Starilized designer, Patricia, graduated from University at Albany in 2014, with a degree in Economics.  She got her start during her junior year, selling jewelry at school charity events where many of the pieces were designed. After collaborating with a makeup artist and photographer for a shoot in summer 2013, she was finally motivated to come up with a line for her pieces. As soon as she started her senior year in college, Starilized was born. Drawing influence from mostly African and Asian cultures, the line is an unique mix of Tribal Bohemian and Classic Vintage pieces while still catering to everyone. 

The name derives from the word Star. A star is a fixed luminous point in the night sky. It shines bright, stands out against the night sky and makes sure it is seen. Starilized is a verb and is meant to convey the message "Like a Star" . The "Like a Star"  motto expresses that throughout your circumstances, you should always be positive and shine bright like a star. Be STARILIZED!

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