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Fall Styles with Starilized Pieces

With Autumn’s arrival comes the need for an updated wardrobe. Low temperatures make it difficult to dress fashionably, but several new Starilized pieces are available to style up your outfit.

One popular trend for creatives and style lovers, as listed by Elle, is coats with super long hems. Long sleeve dress jackets hang to the lower calf, keeping you warm through the winter. Their elegant, simple look makes them work appropriate. Dress up your long hemmed coat with a pair of Silver Geometric Dangle Earrings from Starilized. Dangling and gemmed, the silver geometric earrings will balance out the shape of your coat. Purchase the on Starilized for only $34.99.

Image from WhoWhatWear

The next trend to emerge this fall is the itty bitty bag. Playful but practical, these miniature bags add a fun approach to your look. Brighter colored miniature bags allow for style lovers to dress fashionably on a budget. Listed as one of Winter 2019’s largest trends by Harper’s Bazaar, the itty bitty bag is a force to be reckoned with. Pair your bag with the Starilized XOXO Ring to top off your look. The soft pink and gold of the adjustable ring will softly accent the brightness of your bag. Pair the piece with your favorite fall purse to celebrate the new season.

Image from

Lastly, one of the most popular colors to hit runways this fall was the soft Millennial purple. Monochromatic purple outfits are expected to be embraced by the most daring creatives. Look for light Lavendar blouses and slacks to get in on the trend. Offset the matching look with a piece of colorful jewelry. Starilized’s Solar Gem Cuff will give your Millennial purple outfit a touch of gold. Change the color of the gem to suit your look. The matching gold Afryca Chain Choker will add an elegant pop to your outfit.

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Visit the Starilized website to shop the looks!

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