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Summer Reading Essentials

Warmer, longer days are best spent searching for inspiration. There are countless books for creatives to draw ideas from - here are just a few to relax with on your weekend.

Award winning writer Nicole Dennis-Benn returned to the literature world with her striking novel 'Patsy' early this June. Dennis-Benn's newest tale takes a deep look at the life of a mother immigrating to the states from her home in Jamaica. Patsy, the novel's fascinating central character, leaves her daughter to fulfill her deep dream of a living abroad. Patsy's desire to travel to Manhattan largely revolves around the deep feelings she has for her oldest friend, Cicely, who's settled in the city. A page turner for creatives who enjoy topical literature, Dennis-Benn's newest novel is particularly inspiring because of its honesty; each character is brutally complex, filling chapters with their strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and desires. All interested can find "Patsy" on the stands of Barnes and Nobles or in the e-isles of Amazon.

For creatives who enjoy fiction inspired by real events, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Americanah" tells the story of a young creative finding her own. Readers follow Ifemelu's growth as a writer and woman in a modern day world as she flourishes from student to Princeton-employed professional. This semi-autobiographical book mirrors Adichie's journey, making it a must read for creatives and writers. Her relatable novel is filled with humor, hope, and successes. Be sure to bring it with you on your next vacation.

Finally, creatives who draw inspiration from history are encouraged to read the gorgeous, acclaimed novel "All the Light We Cannot See", Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence. In Anthony Doerr's timeless work, two characters with seemingly different paths - a young, blind girl living in France and an aimless but ambitious German boy - are brought together through the devastation of World War Two. Themes of war, fate, and persistence play out on each page; readers are guaranteed to walk away enchanted.

The novel's set to hit Netflix in its own mini series soon. Be sure to read it before you binge it!

Be sure to visit your local library or small business book store to give them the support they need. Have a book filled, creative summer!

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