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Must Have Gold-Toned Starilized Pieces

Jewelry is one of the best ways of pulling a chic look together. Still, accessorizing can be difficult. Starilized offers a variety of gold-toned pieces suited to every look. Consider experimenting with a few!

Starflower Dangle Earrings

One item to consider adding to your collection is a new pair of earrings. The Starflower Dangle Earrings are perfect for polishing off a look. Simple yet playful, these gold toned earrings will bring the color out of your outfit - don't be afraid to go bold. A deep red or a soft pink top would capture the elegant shade of gold, completing a look for your night out. Downplay these earrings with a neutral toned pant suit to complete your work look, transitioning you into day (while still offering a pop of fun). Flowers are in bloom - celebrate them by adding these Starflower Dangle Earrings to your wardrobe.

Gold Snake Chain Set

Next, add to you look further with the Gold Snake Chain set. This timelessly cool piece sits perfectly besides the Starflower Dangle Earrings, matching your night and day look. Three individual, fifteen inch long chains create an elegant and chic aesthetic. A simple necklace like this is necessary for every fashion lovers closet. Wear it with a casual outfit to play your look up!

Star Body Choker

For those who are considering venturing out with fashion, the Star Body Choker is a must have. Body jewelry is at its best in summer; it's warm enough to embrace off the shoulder blouses and dresses that will expose your accessory. The Star Body Choker is unique and fun - it completes a look all on its own. A true summer must have.

Spiral Three Piece Ring Set

Finally, pull your ensemble together with the Spiral Three Piece Set ring. Long spiral rings are a timelessly chic; they adorn your outfit, creating a luxurious feel. This three piece set gives you all you need to level up your look - your pointer, ring, and pinkie finger will be perfectly covered by this piece.

Always be bold enough to let your creativity shine. Let this summer be your chance to show your personality through jewelry. All are available on

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