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Styling African Print in the Summer

Alas summer is here, and we are all enjoying the great weather. Not only is the weather fantastic, but it is definitely the time of the year to flaunt bright, and vibrant colors. Whats a better way to do that then with Ankara prints? Ankara prints are known for coming in beautiful, vibrant, and colorful patterns. For this weeks blog, we will be giving you guys tips on how to style your Ankara print this summer.

Simple Top Half or Bottom

You don't always have to wear a fully printed ankara outfit. In recent years, not only has the visibility of African culture been on a rise, but for those same reasons people have been proudly showcasing their culture through clothing. As a result, it is perfectly normal to see people wearing a vibrant ankara top with jeans, shorts and/or etc. and vice versa.

High-waist IT

You can always take your outfit up a notch by styling high-wasted pants or skirts with a simple blouse. This may sound like a simple "half-top or bottom" but its not.The high waisted part of the skirt or pants adds a lot of elegance, and/or edge to your overall outfit.

Accessorize with Jewelry

Its the summertime which means out of all times of the year, this is the time to be as loud and daring with your jewelry. Because of the vibrancy of most ankara prints, they are palatable with different types of jewelry.

Check out our jewelry to spice up your Ankara looks:

Coco Wood Necklace

Golden Acute Earrings

Minimal Beaded Necklace

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