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Gold Jewelry: Not a New Fashion Phenomenon

It is no secret that golden jewelry has become one of the hottest staples in the fashion world today. As trendsetters, celebrities have been using golden jewelry of all sorts to accessorize, and glamorize their outfits. From big golden hoops, name plated chains, rings, bracelets; it just takes a golden touch to take your outfit to next level. However, although golden accessories are current essentials for many peoples wardrobes, it is important to note that African communities on the continent were historically the first group of people to adorn themselves with golden jewelry. Viewed as an ornament of beauty and marker of wealth, gold jewelry was also given as gifts to brides, friends, families and strangers. Not only are those cultural aspects still alive today, but they have integrated themselves into many black communities around the world. As a result, today on the blog we will be highlighting different ethnic groups on the continent who have historically worn and styled golden jewelry.

The Fulani people is a nomadic group spread throughout western, northern, and eastern Africa. Women of this ethnic group in particular has been historically known to not only adorn themselves with golden jewelry, but have also used it as a means for monetary exchange. For the Fulani people gold also symbolizes wealth, and elite status.

The Akan people of Ghana is also another group that has historically been known to wear a lot of golden jewelry. Similar to the Fulani people, gold in Akan communities symbolizes wealth, and elite social status. All of the Akan kings, and Queen Mothers have been known to adorn themselves with golden crowns, bracelets, pendents, rings and ankle bracelets. Worn along side with their traditional kentè fabric, gold jewlery in this community is a marker of royal association.

With the understanding of the significance that gold has had in African and Black communities around the world, Starilized is keeping the cultural tradition alive. We have many contemporary golden jewelry that you can choose from. Make sure to check out our shop!

Gold Circular Stardust Bracelet

Gold Circular Stardust Bracelet

Gold Dainty Ankara Chain Necklace

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