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Supermodel Jessica White visits Mali & Senegal "So blessed to have finally come Home"

(check out aunty serving face in the back!)

Since it’s International Women’s Month, I want to briefly talk about my favorite supermodel Jessica White and her recent trip to Mali and Senegal.

If you don't know who Jessica White is, she is a big deal. Jessica has acted in several movies and music videos and also sings. She was in multiple Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and also walked the Victoria Secret runway. She had two separate cosmetic campaigns for Maybelline and CoverGirl and Tyra Banks even named her “the model of her generation.”

Jessica White not only looks beautiful, but also has a very charitable heart. She has a charity called the Angel Wings Foundation that focuses on women and girls who have been sexually abused or have been in domestic-violence relationships.

Recently, Jessica White traveled to Mali and Senegal and shared some of her own views on how beautiful each country is. I am not sure of the main reason why she visited these countries but she sure was slaying! She mentioned in one of her Instagram posts that she is working with some people to help the people of Mali. I really like this because it shows that she traveled there with a purpose. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of her visit. She even posted that she is moving to Africa. That would actually be cool! Jessica also posted some really creative images from shoots she did on her trip that have me very inspired.

Check out pictures from her trip below:

Here's a sneak peek of some of the photoshoots she did in Mali:

photos by @sethphotographe

Sneak peek of a shoot she did in Senegal:

Photos by @joesimpsonphoto

I also loved the fact that she got some Fulani braids done there. 😍 They are traditional braids worn by the Fula tribe.

I definitely have to visit Mali and Senegal sometime soon. I hope you love these photos from her trip and are inspired to visit these countries as well!

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