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What to Wear to the Black Panther Premiere

When the trailer for Black Panther dropped earlier this Summer, Black Twitter lost it. After having a glimpse at our favorite black actresses and actors adorned in elaborate attire designed by Ruth Carter, a renowned Hollywood costume designer, everyone vowed to replicate their portrayal of #BlackExcellence at the movie theaters in February.

Aside from the wonderful movie plot, political messages, and cultural highlights, the opening week of Black Panther has been a celebration of African Fashion. As Ruth Carter said: “Our aesthetic was always to bring about positive visuals to the African diaspora in this country, and to dispel stereotypes. To be about a forward-thinking community that empowered the Black community, women, and even natural hair.”As a result, after being on the big screen over a week, black people of the diaspora have used this as an opportunity to not only learn more about their African heritage, but to celebrate blackness.

If you were worried about creating an outfit for the premiere of Black Panther, we've got you covered at Starilized. Below you will find a list of things you can wear to spice up the details of your outfit, and celebrate African heritage. All of these accessories can be found at the Starilized Shop.

(1) Can't Choose Ring Set: Because jewelry is one of our main focuses, Starilized currently has many statement pieces that can easily transform and elevate your outfit. From assorted and intricate ring designs, to bold statement earrings, we have it all. The "Cant Choose Ring Set" is personally one of my favorites and can be easily styled. With its soft colors, and deep gold embroidery, they can be worn with an all black outfit. You can add some spice to the outfit with an ankara printed or colored headscarf.

Cant Choose Ring Set - Photography by Islandboiphotography

(2) Starilized Velvet Cap: Our velvet caps are one of our most popular pieces out right now! It comes in various colors, and can be styled with a nice clean button down, worn with chinos or dark colored jeans. Our red velvet hat specifically can be styled with our red coral beaded necklace. You can also spice up your outfit with an opened colored shirt, with gold chains worn on the inside. One of our customers (@chiznuke) rocked our Velvet Cap in Royal Purple to see the movie. Check him out below.


(3) Cowrie Cuff and Ring Set: our Cowrie Cuff and Ring Set is a traditional gem. Cowrie shells have been apart of many West African cultures, and serve as cultural markers for many ethnic groups. Thanks to Starilized, with our Cowrie Cuff and Ring Set you can add a contemporary touch to the shells. The set can be worn with an ankara outfit, or an all black outfit once again. Black helps to neutralize the outfit and allow the Cowrie Cuff and Ring Set to be highlighted.

(4) Gold Moon Dangle Earrings: Our Gold Moon Dangle Earrings is another hot statement piece. It can be worn elegantly with an ankara or neutral colored head wrap. You can also emphasize your black girl magic, and wear them elegantly with an Ankara printed dress.

(5) Red Coral Bead Necklace: Our Red Coral Beaded Necklace can be styled in many ways. It can be worn with a soft colored, collared shirt, or with a printed ankara top. This is also a statement piece which means that it can easily take your outfit to the next level.

All of these items can be purchased right now at our very own Starilized Shop. We hope you enjoyed this post and will share your Starilized inspired Black Panther outfits. #WakandaForever

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