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Golden Womyn - An Ode to Black Woman

Its March - Spring is around the corner; we can start bringing out our bright and bold wardrobe; and (drum roll please) its Women's History Month! Although we already celebrate Black women 365 days of the year, we wanted to do something special for you guys. We teamed up with photographer and creative director Mariama, and models Bridget Kusi and Fatima Barry to celebrate both new and classic Starilized designs. We hope you enjoy the photos, and continue to support Black female owned businesses.

Starilized Designs:

Pieces on Bridget: 1st look: Starflower Dangle Earrings, XOXO Ring

Pieces on Fatima: 1st look: Spirograph Gem Head Crown and Dera Dangle Earrings

Golden Womyn

Photographer + Creative Director: Mariama Jalloh

Stylist: Khadijah Jalloh

Jewelry: Starilized by Patricia Moses

Models: Bridget Kusi and Fatima Barry

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