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Staying on Track in 2019 as a Creative

Hello Creatives! It's that time of the year again - "new year, new me"...working out for the first few weeks of 2019...waking up consistently...minimizing your time on social media...and most importantly staying on track of all the goals you set for yourself this year. In addition to that, being a creative at the same time can be very hard to balance: You find yourself being very in tune with your intentions and goals during the first few weeks of the year. However as weeks and months roll by, you may find yourself feeling overbooked and overworked. How do we stop that from happening to us in 2019? Starilized is here to help you map it out -

Prioritize I think one of the biggest issues we have, is that we take on so much that we get buried underneath it all. We forget what our main priorities are, and take on more than we can chew. Although cutting back can sound very scary, it is okay to remove yourself from commitments or projects that can wait, or is actually causing you to feel overwhelmed. So take a look at your calendar: what are the projects you are working on within the next upcoming months? Which bring you joy? Which do not? What can you cancel out? Have you embedded time for yourself? Will you have enough time in your schedule to do activities that you find fulfilling? After answering these questions, be honest and let go of things that may not be right for you at that moment. Always remember it is okay to say no.

Abide by your routine Having a routine that works for you is very important and will help you build stability in your life. Although I love adventures, and I am always on the go, I crave stability. Things like waking up at the same time every day, making your bed, giving yourself time to self-reflect and think, will take you a long way. Having a constant routine that you abide by will not only enable you to build upon your health and wellness through structure and organization but it will help you to alleviate stress. Developing small, but consistent practices in your life can heap huge returns.

Find inspiration As creatives, we tend to look for inspiration and meaning in everything that we do: our conversations with people, our surroundings, podcasts, music... you name it. Being able to find inspiration in all aspects of your life will help to keep you motivated, and feel the meaningfulness in all of the things that you do. Let your ideas manifest.

Revisit your goals and intentions Yes you should absolutely do it. I know it can be daunting to look at a lengthy list of goals that you have not completed. But why don’t you revisit that goals list and choose one goal that you would like to work on in that particular week or month. Resisting your intentions and goals for the year will always remind you of where you want to end up.

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