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Starilized Turns 5: Anniversary Celebration Recap

Earlier on this month the Starilized team celebrated our brands fifth year anniversary. Being a black female entrepreneur is far from easy. Initially selling jewelry out of her college dorm, Patricia has grown, and positioned Starilized as an afro-centric go to brand for African inspired vintage pieces. Starilized's 5-Point Anniversary Bash was magical, artistically innovative, and daring. Starilized collaborated with a young, and talented Nigerian Designer named Adaobi. Not only does Adaobi refer to her clothing line Izu&Vash as "Fashion for the bold, and vibrant" but she styled the models in stunning modern, ankara outfits. Last but not least, DJ Hol Up, a young, and rising Nigerian DJ filled the night with a great fusion of Afrobeats and Dancehall tunes. If you were not in attendance, you definitely missed out. However, that's what I am here for... to catch you guys up:

Models posed against our vintage living room backdrop:

Models strutting down the runway in Starilized and Izu&Vash designs:

The interior design of the space was spectacular. Embodying a very Christian aesthetic, it was very powerful to watch black bodies positioned in front of religious art:

Women of the hour; Both Patricia and Adaobi, founder of Izu&Vash posing for the camera:

Some of our special guests:

Guest Zena & on the right, founder of Danso Financial Group, Charles Danso.

@ogomero & @enigwe, Founder of Kamsi Magazine

Thank you for support!

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