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Summer Edition of Starilized

Because we are shedding clothes in the Summer, sometimes when wearing a simple dress, top or shorts, we can feel like something is missing. Yes, you've got that right: the accessories! Not only is the summer the time to make your accessories more visible, but it's the perfect time to have fun with your accessories. Don't worry because Starilized has you covered. To welcome in the summer, Starilized teamed up with three beautiful models to show you how to style some of our accessories this summer. Check them out below!

Statement earrings are must. Not only do they help to elevate your look, but they do a great job at adding spice to a calm and minimalistic look. They style well with any hairstyle: straight hair, or a nice slicked down bun.

Our assorted golden rings are a must for summer 2018. Their vintage and edgy vibe, will add a lot of spice to any outfit. Our model Umu wore a soft pink blouse from H&M, retro shades from Forever 21, and a slicked down bun. Her statement earrings from Starilized elevated her minimalistic look, while enhancing her golden, and melanted skin. Because wearing necklaces may have overwhelmed the overall look, we decided to style her with our Spiral 3 Set and Can't Choose Pieces.

We styled our model Ibrahim in a checkered t-shirt from Urban Outfitters along with soft blue, distressed jeans from H&M. We accessorized his fun colors with a Starilized beaded necklace and bracelet. The Coco Shell Necklace Set helps to finish the hipster look.

Photoshoot Details:

Models: Ibrahim Muhammed, Umu Jalloh, and Lauren

Photographer and Stylist: Mariama Jalloh

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